Who is Blacklist Brewing?

Brian Schanzenbach, Founder/Master Brewer (with a name like Schanzenbach he was destined to become a brewer). Brian holds a World Brewers Certification from the Siebel institute and has brewed professionally for for over 7 years, mostly at the Brewhouse in Duluth, MN.

Jon Loss, Founder and In-house artist. Jon knows how to make things pretty... and a thing or two about beer. He is a Certified Cicerone.

What’s with the Name?

Well, when we first started brewing there was this brewers legend that stated, If you brewed with wild yeast or other less then desirable bugs for mass production that you would be blacklisted from ever stepping into a big production brewery since contamination meant a potential fortune of replaced equipment. We vowed we would never work in a mass production place that hindered potential creativity so we started calling ourselves Blacklist.